Research of Lifting the Lid 'Judicial Mafia'

As a place for people to earn justice, it should be that the court’s verdict must be based on the legitimate law and the sense of justice. Nevertheless, corruption practices in the court that is known as the court mobsters make the court’s verdict becomes distorted, because they not only put it on the base of the law and justice, but also on the base of money. As the result, trial process needs a long time, complicated and expensive. And in turn, the law institutions cannot give any guarantee of the assurance of law so that its image falls down to the lowest point.

From the research done, revealed that the court mobsters is a systematical corruption. The court mobsters include all subjects in the court of law. In criminal court, corruption involving police, clerk, lawyer, prosecutor, and judge and also officers in the jail institutions. In the citizen and commercial court, the court mobsters also involve the lawyer, clerk and judge.

The court mobsters are called a systematical corruption because not only involving entire elements, but also the court mobsters happen in every step of the trial. In the criminal court, starting from investigation and inquiry in the police department, inquiry in the judiciary and trial until the execution does the corruption. Similar situation also happens in the citizen and commercial trial. Corruption is done from the registration of the case, trial, and execution. No matter how small the authority had by one of the elements in the trial institution, it has a potential of becoming a corruption commodity. Even the parking man in the court can enjoy the advantages from the broad practice of the corruption in the court.

So why are the law institutions can be so severely injured by corruption? One of the most important things is that there is no surveillance. For several years the authority close their eyes on the practice of the corruption. Moreover in the New Order government the court has become the most important instrument of authority so that the corruption was ignored. As the result, slowly but surely corruption goes broad in entire side of court institutions. When the New Order fell and the press got their independence back, it is seemingly obvious how bad is the court institution. Even worse, although reformation has successfully broken down the authoritarian authority and court institutions to be independent, corruption in court has also become independent and uncontrollable. Next, it can bee seen in the news media that corruption keeps going on. In addition, there is a resistance effort from inside the court to the attempts to eliminate the corruption.

It is not an easy matter to clean up the entire court from corruption. Remembering that corruption is already so systematic, it needs a very hard work to fight against corruption right from the top levels. And for that matter, the political will from the government is very much needed. Because without a strong political will, it will be very difficult to hope for the beginning of “cleaning up” movement in the court.

If so, then where is the society’s role if what it needs is the government’s political will? What is hoped from the society is a strong advice for the government to take a serious action to clean up the corruption, collusion, and nepotism, particularly corruption in the law institution, a place for the society to get justice.

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