Eradicating Corruption, Saving State Funds - Monitoring Report of KPK Performance In the sectors of Forestry, Taxation, and Money Laundering

Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) monitored cases in the sectors of Forestry, Taxation, and Money Laundering investigated by the KPK in the past 12 years (2003-2016). The monitoring is aimed at analyzing KPK’s performance in the three sectors. These sectors are crucial because they are very prone to corruption, while at the same also source of huge state income potential.
Generally, there were at least 31 corruption cases (forestry, taxation, money laundering) with 63 convicts and 1 suspect investigated by the KPK during the last 12 years. Of the 31 cases, 12 were corruption in the forestry sector, 5 were related to tax, and 14 were cases charged with the Anti-Money Laundering Law. The total state loss was Rp. 4,7 Trillion with bribery money totaling Rp. 202.957 Billion, SGD 817,000 and USD 6.150 Million.
The results of the monitoring can be downloaded through this page.